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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy in Southlake, TX

Are You a Gold Star Family Member?

Our Veteran-led team has fought for our nation and knows the indescribable pain of losing sisters and brothers in arms. We see it as our duty to care for their family as our own. We can help you on your healing journey.

Without charge. For life.

Celebrate their memory by thriving.


We rely on your tax-deductible donation to help us provide these services for free to the family of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. You can honor their memory by sponsoring a treatment for a Gold Star Family member. Thank you!

You’re Not Alone Mom

Little girl smiling holding her mother’s stomach who is pregnant

One in eight moms is suffering from postpartum depression and the rate is increasing. Over the pandemic the rate tripled and it’s not hard to see why. Years of layoffs, sickness, loss, and stress have made the hardest job harder than ever. 

Moms are now experiencing PTSD at a rate higher than combat veterans.

Many moms, especially those who choose breastfeeding, are understandably hesitant to take medications for fear of pass-through effects to her baby.

TMS is a safe, effective, non-pharmaceutical alternative with no risk to your baby.

Let us help you regain your strength.

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We rely on your tax-deductible donation to help us provide these services to moms in financial need. You can share compassion by sponsoring a treatment for a mom in need. Thank you!

We Speak Hooah

And a little bit of oorah. If you’re a current Service member or Veteran looking for help from someone who “gets it” you’ve made it to the right ORP.

Our director deployed with the First Cav in OIF 06-08. Our president is a prior-service full bird paratrooper.

We know the stigma that prevents many of our tribe from seeking help.

We know 22 and we’re doing something about it.

Here you can receive treatment from someone who’s also survived outside the wire on Royales and Rip-Its and will never leave a fallen comrade.