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Brain Performance Evaluation

What did her brain look like before the stroke?
What was his functional network connectivity before the concussion?

God forbid you, your child, or someone else close to you ever hear a question like that.

But should concussion, cancer, stroke, epilepsy or other trauma strike, the ability to provide the treatment team with critical baseline information could mean all the difference.

For those joining or currently serving in the military or law enforcement, a prognostic MRI may prove useful should injury occur, though we pray that it is never needed.

Our director, Russ, hit four IEDs in combat in Iraq. The below image shows him wounded and awaiting a medevac after the third IED ripped his tank’s armor skirt to pieces and punched through the hull, rendering him unconscious. Managing the recovery from the traumatic brain injury that day and the other TBIs could have been more effective if there had been a baseline to compare to and measure progress against.


Our Brain Performance Evaluation grants more than peace of mind as “injury insurance,” it’s an intriguing deep dive with neuroscience into the inner workings of your brain. You’ll receive structural MRI, functional MRI, resting electroencephalography (EEG), a fun EEG, and a TMS-EEG causal connectome. These data will be combined into a comprehensive report and shareable videos perfect for showcasing your support of our mission on social media.

What is a "fun" EEG?

Seeing what the spark of connectivity in your brain looks like the moment you kiss your partner. Watching the waves of your power spectra align as you hold your baby. Observing the dance between auditory cortex and the limbic network as you listen to a song that’s special to you. If you’re looking for the basis of a gift, piece of art, or tattoo that couldn’t possibly be more unique, this is where science meets fun.

The brain performance evaluation costs $2000 and is not covered by any insurance because this set of procedures is not clinically indicated although the MRI scans could become clinically relevant in the future. This program is for educational/novelty purposes only and is a key source of support that allows us to provide therapeutic TMS to Gold Star Family members without charge.